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Daily routine of the goats parakeet: 7:00 clock to get up, eat 7:03 clock, Körperpflge, drink 7:20 clock 7:30 am clock free flight, playing, bitch, "chatter", exploring, 17:00 clock bedtime (Nelli sleeping in a bark, hanging in the cage) (after half an hour free flight is flying Nelli getting back in the cage to feed)




Tips: 1 bark to sleep Hang (birds always look for the highest place to sleep)


Give 2 goats parakeets much free flight


3.Ziegensittiche need vitamins (during moulting and breeding season especially)


Scientific name of goat parakeet: Cyanoramphus novaezealandiae

English name of the goats parakeet: red crowned parakeet or red fronted parakeet (literally beteutet the red starry parakeet) (or red crowned parakeet)


Apartment of goats parakeet: an aviary with 60 x 140 cm, which is of course the perfect dwelling. so have

the sweetening much space. Just as on picture below:


The eats for example my Nelli like:

Staple food: Großsittichfutter (sunflower seeds, millet, hemp seeds)

Dietary Supplements: millet piston, breadsticks, mealworms)

Meat: each variety (but cooked-never raw!)

Fruits and vegetables: Äpflel, plums, pineapple, kiwi, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, lettuce leaves, soft rosehip

Shrubs: (maple, rowan berries, all fruit trees

Caution toxic: orchids, Clivia Lily, avocados (fatal), so banish asters / all poisonous plants from the apartment

The breeding behavior: When a parakeet mates or just lays an egg, it takes about 3 weeks.

Most is placed in dark places and when an unfertilized egg is present, remove it only after 2-3 days. My Nelli has ever laid her first egg in a carton. They surprised us with ever-

their hiding places. At the moment, a small wooden house in their Voilere is very interesting. Thither she crawls

regularly and lay there and their "wind eggs" from.

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